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Sample Color Combinations

Above are listed Circle Designs examples minus the graphics of many different color combinations that you may find helpful when trying to envision your particular circle shape decal or magnet . Please Note: We highly recommend using the darker of your 2 team colors as the outer circle ring as the lettering will be white for contrast on a moving vehicle.

For our Outline Designs, we listed several color combinations minus the graphics to give you a good idea of how these combinations will look on a tinted car window (below) and how they are shown online (above).

  • If you have any questions or perhaps need to see the complete design in a proof, please email us
  • Design # (top of every design) 
  • 2 Team Colors.
  • Example player name & jersey # if desired or as applies to design.
  • We will send you a .jpg proof of exactly how it would look. Please email us: Stephanie@allsportdesigns.com. Please allow 1-3 bus. days for completion. Thank you!