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Note: These order forms are for you to download & take orders and payments with. You can then EASILY order right on our website. EASY ORDER INSTRUCTIONS are listed at the TOP of each sport category page and at the top of the checkout page.
*Copy and print your chosen design. Attach to order form and hand out for orders.
We can add tshirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, bags to any order form! Contact us to
add for you: Stephanie@allsportdesigns.com. Download our print price sheet at:
Apparel Price Sheet.

Adobe Reader needed to download and print .pdf forms below. Get your free Reader at www.adobe.com.

Current Magnet sizes: 4.5" and 6" * .030 mil. thick!


(This way you can set up a table and everyone comes to you to place their order! How
easy can THAT be??)
Includes Wall Decal Price Discounts
Get your free Adobe Reader at www.adobe.com
After collecting orders, please place your order at your chosen design page(s).
(We will be happy to send you a .pdf of your chosen design for you to put with downloaded order form or on an order form.(Specify Your Two Team Colors, Team Name and Design # From any of our Sport Categories)
In subject line of email put "Design for Order Form". Thank you! Please email us at allsportdesigns@gmail.com.
Please allow 2-3 business days or sooner.

Please note: Please contact us for custom work. In many instances we offer your logo at our website prices. See our Custom Decals and Magnets category for more info. Thank you!
If having any difficulty downloading any forms, an updated adobe reader may be needed to be installed on your computer. You can get a Free Adobe Reader at www.adobe.com.
Small Inventory-Double Your $ or More!
Why not consider our ONE NAME Decals and Magnets?
Price sheet to print
Instant sell-Instant $PROFIT$
You may right-click on any image (designs in categories) to copy and paste to print out
and put with one of our down-loaded team order forms. (Fastest).
Please remember to obey copywrite laws and DO NOT use for any other use
other than putting designs on order form! Thank you.
(We will be happy to send you a .pdf of your chosen design for you to put on downloaded order form also (Specify 2 team colors, team name and Design # ('s) along with sizes you will be offering. In subject line put "Design for Order Form".) This is a free service we provide. Please email us at AllSportDesigns_com@yahoo.com. Please allow 2-4 business days or sooner.