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Download Fundraising Info Page .pdf: Fundraising
Download Price Sheet .pdf: Price Sheet
Please Note: Fundraising Decals & Magnets can include ANY number of designs, sizes, and team names! To get better discounts, you can get other teams to order with you. All info can be entered at our website. Discounts calculate at checkout.
NO INVENTORY! (Did we mention, NO INVENTORY?!)

Order Forms to Download:

team order form(4.5", 6" Decals, 6" Magnets Only)
team order form (6" Decals Only)
team order form(All Sizes-including wall decals)
  • Make copies of order form and give to each player with your prices on them.
  • See Price Sheet for quantity prices. Most prices can be marked up 40-60%.
  • See Our Special Price Decal Page to Order: Special Discount Decals & Magnets
  • These also sell well at concession stands for a 100-200% profit!
Now that you see how profitable this can be, please note:
Tips for PROFITABLE fundraising:
It's key to start at the beginning of the season,
not towards the end-or at the end-as there is not as much interest.
*Promote it as much as possible!*
1) Coaches hand out order forms to players (Best!)
(Or Team Mom's!)
2) At concession stands
3) Announcements
4) Game or event flyers
5) School store or office
6) Display in prominant places where
there is lots of foot traffic & waiting.
7) Make sure to advertise where the decals can be purchased or by whom
8) Make sure you advertise what you can do with the decals,
Ex:rear car windows, rear car magnets, on lockers, bedroom walls (wall decals).
9) Put responsible people in charge of distributing & collecting orders.
10) Last, but not least: Put an order deadline on the order form. People
tend to put things off-this is no exception!
Any questions about fundraising, please feel free to contact us!
Direct calls to Stephanie at 330.465.1664. We'll be glad to answer any questions.
Fundraising for non-personalized school logo decals:
It's key to start at the beginning of the school year or 1st two months.
Or, if selling in the middle of the year, make sure to send
a noticeable sheet (or order form) home with each student,
make announcements, posters of where to purchase.