Easy Steps to apply our Decals and Magnets
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CIRCLE DESIGN DECALS Instructional Video


OUTLINE DESIGN DECALS (Removeable Transfer Sheet)
Instructional video


1. The MOST IMPORTANT steps to apply your decal is a CLEAN, DRY, and WAX-FREE area. You can ensure proper adhesion by wiping metal or window surface with a cleaner: 409, Fantastic, or dish soap. Then go over surface again with rubbing alcohol and wipe dry. This will not hurt the surface of the paint or window. If any wax or dirt is present-your new decal will NOT stick properly! DO NOT use cleaning products containing Melaleuca Oil! Your decals will NOT stick!
2. Surface area needs to be between 40F and 80F. In winter, put vehicle in garage or building. Hold a hair dryer approx. 5" away from clean decal area until surface is somewhat warm. In summer, apply decal in shady area or garage/building.
3. To apply decal: Being careful to not cover any window seams, doors, or in area of windshield wiper contact. With both hands apply decal directly to clean area.
4. With your hands, apply pressure in middle of decal pushing away to one edge. Do this to half of decal, then the other half. Any air bubbles left if small, will eventually go away. If you get any large air bubbles, simply take a straight pin and push a small hole to side of bubble and press air out with your finger.
  • You may also use a credit card as in video. With both hands, allow top part of circle decal to touch window. With a credit card and sweeping motion, apply pressure across decal from middle outward until you sweep across entire decal.
5. To remove decal: Use heat (hair dryer or sunlight). Start at one corner of decal and pull straight down.
6. Care for your magnet is simple: Make sure metal surface is entirely metal-no Bondo or fillers. Your magnetic circle will not stick to any fillers in surface. Test area. Then, wipe area clean with a regular detergent. Wax both magnetic and surface of vehicle. Remove magnetic from vehicle surface weekly and clean both vehicle and back of magnetic to prevent possible paint damage. TAKE OFF BEFORE GOING THROUGH CAR WASH!

All Orders Include Installation and Removal Care Sheets.

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****Instructions coming soon on HOW TO APPLY YOUR WALL DECAL.
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